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EKO Vintage Sixties Hollow Body Thinline Electric Guitar Hardcase Fantastic

  • Price:$465.00

eko vintage sixties thinline electric guitar.

this is a fabulous original eko semi acoustic guitar dating from the sixties.

it has a hollow body finished in a very pale attractive sunburst with a black bound neck

and striking headstock.

the body has a single cutaway and is fully bound in a lovely pinstriped binding.

the fingerboard has twenty-one frets.

the headstock shows the v-shaped "eko" logo and the black truss rod cover.

on the back is stamped "made in italy".

there is a single pickup with volume and tone controls; and a raised pickguard

with a white/pearl finish.

there has been a repaired knock at the bottom of the body and a small knock

to the binding on the top of the lower bout; but otherwise this lovely eko

is almost immaculate.

it was stored in its original case by the previous owner for many years and i have

owned it and stored it for three years without using it. it is working and plays well,

but may need setting up because the lower e string is buzzing on frets

13/14/15; the other strings/frets are fine. (i have just replaced the strings).

it is a beautiful guitar; very rare and i can't find out much about the model. it has some

similarities to the eko flore but is not exactly the same. it comes with its original

case which is in good condition although one side of the handle has come away

from its fixing bracket (it is repairable).

it is a really interesting and very collectable guitar.