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Vintage 1950s Silvertone Model 1344 Guitar Amp

  • Price:$465.00

vintage 1950s silvertone model 1344 guitar amp

silvertone model 1344 guitar amplifier 
circa 1952-1954

? measures 22.5" x 15.5" x 9.5" cab with round speaker baffle hole, 1 x 12" combo
? first silvertone built-in vibrato
? 6 tubes (with rectifier)
? 3 inputs, 3 controls (treble, bass, volume), plus vibrato 
? 33 lbs

the previous owner said it still worked, but i have only plugged in the power cord to check that the front light comes on (it does) -- it's not been tested beyond that.  one set of wires inside clearly has crumbling plastic coating (see last photo)  and will need to be replaced for safety.  the original wiring schematic is included on the inside and the tubes look to be in good shape - i am not very familiar with them, though. there are a couple cosmetic scratches and the power cord was changed to a thick 3-prong. 

selling it as-is, so please feel free to ask questions. i can provide additional detailed photos on request, as well. 

amp will be carefully wrapped and boxed with padding. shipping quote is for usps ground service from sacramento, california to the east coast. if shipping is less, the difference will be refunded to you automatically.

**local buyers (sacramento, ca area) are welcome to contact me to arrange a test run and for pick up.


some background: the 1344 amp began its life as the 1304 in 1949. it became the 1344 in the fall/winter catalog of 1950, at which time it had the silvertone logo applied in the decorative silver band around the amp. the 'vibrato' listing in the catalog is labeled 'tremolo' on the amps. there is some mystery regarding this amp; the innards are nearly identical to the 1303, even though the 1303 looks just like a 1300.

from a review of this model:
"this amp will absolutely blow you away with its unbelievable tone - much like the later 60s danelectro-made models... the breakup on this is crunchy, mean, gnarly, yet soaring and sweet at the same time... a prime example why players still seek out vintage sleeper amps rather than drop a couple thousand on a modern boutique amp that's trying to copy what was already perfected 50 or 60 years ago. the tremolo on this is very hypnotic and musical."


please feel free to contact me with any questions or for a shipping quote to your location. cheers!